Which book?

"How Brands Grow" (red cover) is where it all starts, and should be the first book you read. The most up-to-date version of this is the iBook version, e.g. it has new expanded data on Apple's loyalty, and a FAQ chapter, and an additional law about physical availability.

"How Brands Grow part 2" (blue cover) is a completely different book, and assumes that you have read the original. A lot of the data comes from emerging markets. There is a lot more on measurement of metrics.

"Marketing: theory, evidence, and practice" is an advanced level university textbook. It's very different from How Brands Grow. It's also very different from most marketing textbooks. It covers important things like media, shopping behaviour, marketing metrics, and what marketing people actually do. It's heavy on things we really know about marketing rather than traditional theory. Each hard copy comes with an e-book version. There is also a PDF-style version on Amazon.