How to buy the new textbook Marketing: theory, evidence, practice

At last we’ve written an evidence-based University marketing textbook, and it’s now on sale. Here’s how you can buy it...
1. The new textbook is available now from the Oxford University Press website at least in Australia and NZ.

If you order the textbook you get free access to an online version, which Oxford Uni Press call an o-book. This can be read with a computer or iPad but not offline. It has some extra material like video.

You can purchase the o-book access by itself, but it’s hardly a bargain being priced at about 80% the cost of the package of textbook with free o-book.

Amazon US are offering the textbook (with free o-book). So are Amazon UK. There now is a Kindle version (yay) but it is just a PDF style thing, not a proper e-book :-(

3. An e-book version for offline reading on iPads and computers is available from
VitalSource. It lacks the video content of the o-book version but can be read offline and is the cheapest way of buying the textbook.