Kraft tries to discourage its marketers from swimming upstream

A Kraft study confirmed one of the laws of growth presented in How Brands Grow, while the majority of Kraft brand plans run counter to the law
On page 23 of How Brands Grow I mention an internal study done at Kraft by Frank Cotignola. It showed that growth and decline of their brands was almost entirely due to changes in penetration, not average purchase frequency – while further analysis of their brand plans showed that a whopping 56% of plans aimed to grow by increasing average purchase frequency.

Jim Nyce, who was Global Insights Director at the time, described such brand plans as “trying to swim upstream”. What he was saying was that the plans might work, but they weren’t going about things the easy way, nor giving themselves maximum chance of success.

PS Frank Cotignola who did the analysis has an interesting blog but it’s only open to Kraft employees. If you work at Kraft I recommend that you check it out