The current version (3rd and 4th print runs) has the following errors:

Page 71 - But this is thinking is incorrect. - i.e an extra “is”
Page 182 - 4th line should read “addressing the heterogeneity among consumers”

The re-print errors that were corrected:

page 22 - the bottom line has an extraneous wikipedia reference
page 31 - At the top of page 31 it should say 100 divided by 200, and 100 divided by 800, i.e. the numerator and denominator are around the wrong way.

page 47 - table 4.1 - underneath the table it should say:
“Brands within a category have a similar pareto share (Sharp & Romaniuk 2007)
Data Source: Kantar Worldpanel.”

pages 48 & 49 - underneath the tables (4.2 & 4.3) it should say
“Source: Sharp & Romaniuk 2007, Data Source: The Nielsen Company.”

In chapter 5, the table numbers are incorrectly labelled. On page 68 the table should be 5.9, page 69: 5.10, page 70: 5.11 & page 71: 5.12
In chapter 6 'Haagen-Dazs' is consistently spelt incorrectly. It should be spelt Häagen-Dazs. It is incorrectly spelt twice in the table on page 79 and once in the paragraph below, twice on page 80 and once on page 82. It is being spelt with an 'r'. ie Haargen-dazs
p85:  American Express abbreviates its name to Amex not AmEX
p87: line 11 tartar not tarter
On page 98 in the first sentence the word 'than' needs to be removed so it reads 'Therefore, larger brands have more 100% loyal....'
Page 132 remove the word 'about' from the top line - so it reads 'however, this emphasis usually relates to the....'
On page 142 remove the word 'this' in the last paragraph - so it reads '(the full sales effect can be seen and measured in a week's sales figures).'
On page 153 in the first paragraph the word 'luckily' is used. Please change this to 'lucky'.
On page 193 the footnote number 12 should read '...telephone interviewing dominated the last 20 to 30 years of market research.' Please amend to read this.
On page 212 about half way down the page the word 'effects' is used instead of 'affects'.

First Edition errors that have been corrected:

page ix - the words “at the” are repeated in the first sentence of the profile of chapter 10 co-author Dr John Dawes.

page 4 - figure 1.4 has the two pie charts around the wrong way (Doh !)

page 4 - Should be “People who buy Colgate...are more slightly likely to state Colgate is a quality brand than Crest” (i.e the sentence is about Colgate not Crest)

page 5 - last two bullet points in the first block should start “Colgate” not “Crest”

page 8 - missing “to” before “parrot” (9th line down)

page 22 - there is a reference to a picture on wikipedia that does not appear in the book - the picture was removed but the URL wasn’t

page 23 (last paragraph) “Jim Nyce, previously OF insights Director at Kraft”- delete of

page 39 - missing “not”, i.e. “Target marketing is not trying to sell...”

end of pg. 40 start of pg 41: "These data provide benchmarks, allows for very useful predictions and delivers great insight" (should read: These data provide benchmarks, allow for very useful predictions and deliver great insights).

pg 42-2 - figures 4.1 and 4.2 have their charts swapped, titles are OK but the printer has swapped the two charts.

page 46 - “Our research” should reference Sharp & Romaniuk (2007) “There is a Pareto Law but not as you know it”, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute Report for Corporate Sponsors number 42.

pg 54 last sentence: "This is not a great improvement in availability for them" (should be "This is now a great...")

pg. 67 Last sentence before Different Variants: "This is another way that a brands customer..." (should be "...a brand's customer...")

pg. 71 second paragraph: removed bolded is “But this is thinking is incorrect" 

page 76 - first sentence under table 6.1 - “seen” should be “see”, i.e. “As you can see,...”

pg. 76 last sentence: "Logically, (insert “that”) brands are direct competitors”

pg. 77 third paragraph: "This suggests that all the brands compete equally closely with Coca Cola, and that none of them sells to special..." (should be "...sell..." ).    

page 106 - footnote 15 - repeated “that”

page 111. "...should care about these people because they represent most of the brands sales..." (should be brand's sales

page 111 "But the marketing consequences of these brand fan(atic)s turns is very limited." (it should be "...turns out to be very limited"). 

page 115 - in the footnote Bogomolova is spelled incorrectly

page 119 - need to remove bolded words (Advertising that does not give buyers a reason to buy the product it is advertising is thought to be ineffective)

Back Cover - Mitch Barnes (should be Barns, i.e. no e)